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 A large number of private users and company owners are insufficiently protected on the Internet with protection software. Often the own security is neglected due to thriftiness, forgetting or ignorance. Although there is no such thing as 100% protection, with the right choice of firewall and anti-virus program, one can contribute significantly to one's own security and protect oneself very well against viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware.

According to experts, hacker attacks cause annual costs in the billions because systems are insufficiently protected. This is due to the fact that outdated or non-updated applications or operating systems are often used. The incorrect configuration of security-relevant components should also not be underestimated. Due to the continuous complexity of computer systems, it is becoming increasingly important to hire IT specialists for analysis and maintenance for these tasks. In particular, there is an increasing trend in security-relevant areas to switch to Linux systems, as these systems guarantee much better stability and security. As an independent IT service provider, I am happy to help you in these application areas.